Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Checking in

Anybody there?

I think I win the prize for erratic blogger.  It's been a busy couple of months- but let's be honest- when is it not?  I think part of that must just be part of where we are right now- starting a marriage and 2 careers has left little time for blogging, although some sewing has happened.

I'm quilting a bit- and I start teaching a BOM(block of the month) in a couple weeks.  It's very exciting! I love my chosen colors...

And I am participating in some fun swaps through Instagram...

And my new sewing room is making my heart happy and my soul sing.  It's as if, when September rolled in, my creativity just took off.  I have been making time to sew more days than not- which is reminding me so much of how necessary creativity is to my happiness and my life.  

So I will hopefully be posting more regularly too- look for a quilty roundup after each class, and some new professional clothing as I navigate the gaps in my wardrobe and a change in seasons all at once! Huzzah!

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