Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 2 of me-made-March

Well, 2 outfits... one was for the day, and celebrated the return of the skirt... I wore jeans after 2 whole weeks in skirts and dresses on the first, but the weather is just too pretty for pants. My me-made items in outfit 1 are a trusty bag in a happy print that began its life as upholstery and became a beach bag... which has worked its way into all-the-time rotation when the temperature is above 70.
The other one is a necklace. I don't think I blogged about either of these two items.

Outfit 2 is a result of helping the president of the Seminary and his amazing wife greet guests for a function. I had... no... made time to make the alteration that it would take to make the dress wearable... It took me less than 20 minutes to do it, and while I noticed other things I need to fix(that little cardigan is hiding a multitude of sins), it was great to wear the dress and get compliments on it. And great that it's warm enough to wear a dress!

This is already teaching me... taking the 20 minutes made this dress look so much better... I'm worth that, and so are the things in my closet! So why not do it? I'm going to add to my goal... I really want to get the mending pile down.

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