Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A degree and a direction

I have my degree, safely passed into the hands of an awesome mother who currently has the frame for it.
I have a direction.

As I may have shared, I begin Seminary in the fall. I will be moving into the Atlanta area and starting a 4-year course toward 2 degrees I hope will equip me to use inborn gifts and better serve God as a chaplain in the military.
I'll be moving into my first apartment and finding a course of study and a routine in a new place. I think, in time, this blog has come to encompass more than sewing, and really will continue to do so more and more... but I will try to post about the things I do sew. I hope that doesn't detract from you reading... and I know if you're family and you read you'll be excited to hear more about life I live not in front of a sewing machine.

I'll probably talk about faith and conversations and the growing I know will happen in the next few years. Hope you'll be along for the ride!

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